Issue N° 115 - November 2013
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challenges and opportunities at the end of the year?
Investing in Innovation? Requests to take risks?

Here comes my little brainstorm:

"Living at risk is jumping off the cliff
and building your wings on the way down"

(Ray Bradburry)

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Economic, ecologic and social sustainability connected to innovation is on the agenda of all of us. Let me take this opportunity to invite you to our upcoming 10th INSME Annual Meeting from the 18th to the 20th of March at Abu Dhabi with the topic "Investing in Innovation: Building a Sustainable Knowledge-based Economy".

We will continuously keep you updated through our INSMEnews concerning keynote speakers, the Innovation Tour and the International Expert Training.

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Ms. Christin Pfeiffer

INSME Secretary General


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Updates on the life of the INSME Network

Get ready for the 10th INSME Annual Meeting!

The INSME Secretariat is delighted to announce the dates for the 10th INSME Annual Meeting: block your agenda from the 18th to the 20th of March 2014 and join the INSME Community in the breathtaking Abu Dhabi!

The 2014 key initiative will be co-organized by Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development (INSME Vice President) under the theme "Investing in Innovation: Building a Sustainable Knowledge-based Economy". The dedicated website including all practical and logistic information will be available soon.

Stay tuned and let the organizers surprise you for the 10th Anniversary of the INSME Association.

Meanwhile enjoy the promotional video by Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development here and read more about past INSME Annual Meetings at the following link.

For information:

Welcome to RTC North Ltd

INSME is delighted to welcome a new Observer Member!

RTC North is an independent UK based company delivering initiatives and business services which support economic growth by focusing on areas such as new product innovation, market research, technology transfer, commercialization and business growth aimed at helping new companies attract new customers and thus create jobs, wealth and a better quality of life for the people of Northern England.

Learn more about RTC North Ltd here.

INSME currently counts on the support of 96 Members coming from 43 different countries.

INSME Projects and Initiatives: the JEUPISTE Project Launch Seminar

After a successful kick-off meeting, the JEUPISTE Consortium is in the course of organizing the JEUPISTE Project Launch Seminar: "Horizon 2020 and EU - Japan Strategic Partnership Building", to be held on the 6th of December 2013 in Tokyo, Japan.

The JEUPISTE Project Launch Seminar aims at outlining Science, Technology and Innovation policies of the EU and Japan to strengthen strategic partnerships by identifying common understanding of the areas for potential cooperation, the current collaboration status as well as future perspectives. The event targets researchers and R&D managers from public/private organizations, policy makers, funding agencies, other multipliers including media representatives and European Embassies.

INSME contributes as a partner in the project aimed at promoting EU-Japan cooperation in Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) through support to policy dialogues, deployment of bilateral information services and organization of networking events.

Learn more about the project and the seminar at the following link .

INSME at the II World Forum of Local Economic Development

The II World Forum of Local Economic Development took place from the 29th of October to the 1st of November 2013 in Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil and was organized by the United Nations Development Programme - UNDP in collaboration with the Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support Service - SEBRAE (INSME Board Member).

The event gathered local and international representatives from both public and private sectors with the aim of facilitating dialogue on the efficiency and impact of local economic development in tackling current challenges.

Ms. Pfeiffer, INSME Secretary General, actively intervened as speaker in the panel on "SME as driving force for Development, Employment and Income Generation" together with the Paraguayan and Dominican Vice-Ministers of SMEs and moderated by Mr. Rodolfo Games from the Ministry of Industry of Argentina.

Learn more about the II World Forum of Local Economic Development here.

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News and contributions from the INSME Members

Entrepreneurship: an Emirati Perspective. Contribution from Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development

Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development (INSME Vice President) in collaboration with Zayed University drew up a special book which primarily focuses on entrepreneurial activity with the aim of better understanding the profile of the Emirati entrepreneurs and analysing the challenges they may face.

The key finding of the book suggests that the Emirati entrepreneur is driven by opportunity rather than driven by a need for gainful employment. Secondly it emerges that Entrepreneurship may benefit from participation by all groups in society, having different education levels and from all Emirates and regions of the UAE. Finally it stresses the role of high growth entrepreneurship as a key contributor to new employment in the innovation driven economy.

Read the report here

The Regional Policy for smart growth of SMEs - contribution from EURADA

The contribution from EURADA (INSME Member) on "Regional Policy for Smart Growth of SMEs" aims at collecting best practices and policy lessons from the past decades of Structural Funds, national and regional support for SMEs into a comprehensive guide to help the European Regional Development Fund - ERDF managing authorities and regional penholders of any Research and Innovation Strategies for Smart Specialisation - RIS design a policy mix that supports enterprises in maximising the objectives and opportunities of a RIS.

It is worth noting that among the elements for successful SME support services the guide highlights the need of adapting them to a wide typology of enterprises, but also to the innovation capability, willingness and readiness of their management teams, and focusing support not only on R&D, but on innovation in a wider sense.

Read the whole guide here.

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News and contributions from the INSME Partners

"Clear agreements for successful innovation and long friendship" exclusive Interview with Dr. Serge Quazzotti from the European IPR Helpdesk

The INSME Secretariat recently interviewed Dr. Quazzotti, Consortium Member of the European IPR Helpdesk (INSME Partner). According to the European IPR Helpdesk's experience, discussions around intellectual property are very challenging in most collaborative innovation projects and especially at international level. In this interview Dr. Quazzotti shows how the European IPR Helpdesk deals with those challenges and the pillars to help and guide SMEs in their path to innovation.

Read the interview here.

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INSME's Picks in the News

The European Commission Work Programme 2014

On the 22nd of October the European Commission adopted the Work Programme for 2014 aiming at identifying priorities that will drive the reforms required at a national level as well as the initiatives proposed at European level for 2014.

Growth and Job creation will remain the top priorities for 2014 with a particular focus on reducing youth unemployment and investing in key growth sectors such as green economy, ICT and health and social care.

The European Commission also highlights the importance of an effective launch of the Horizon 2020 Programme by identifying current challenges faced by the industry and ensuring an efficient public administration as well as predictable and modern regulation.

Read the European Commission Work Programme 2014 here.

Helping European SMEs enter the South American market

The European Commission will shortly launch a helpdesk in South America's Mercosur region to provide European companies with services to face challenges that might be encountered in the region and thus benefit from Mercosur's continued growth.

In particular the Mercosur IPR Helpdesk will offer free, confidential advice and guidance on intellectual property rights (IPR) by disseminating training materials and liaising with local personnel, including law enforcement and legal experts, who can assist with IPR protection. Those services would ensure that discrepancies in regulations and expectations do not hinder market access to EU enterprises.

Learn more about the initiative here.

The Dubai Chamber of Commerce launches the International Business Network

The Dubai Chamber of Commerce recently launched the International Business Network to promote Dubai's investment environment and help international enterprises to set-up in Dubai.

The online network offers a wide range of services such as access to reliable research, including quarterly business outlook updates or credit rating services, to provide companies with Business Information Reports that serve as effective risk mitigation tools and assist in making informed investment decisions related to partner companies worldwide. The Dubai Chamber of Commerce also publishes its commercial directory to provide IBN members with a comprehensive list of contacts from a large number of companies, by acting as a virtual window allowing members to update their profile and contact information online.

Learn more about the International Business Network at the following link.

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INSME Picks in the Web

5 Challenges Women Entrepreneurs Face-And How to Overcome Them

Which are the 5 biggest obstacles that women entrepreneurs face in a traditionally male-dominated environment?

This article gives women some precious tips on how to overcome them in the journey to become successful founders and CEOs of their companies.

Read the article here.

Innovation Requires More Than Systems and Tools

Based on a three year study on 13 global companies to analyze how they create more broad-based innovation, the article aims at showing how innovation is now the responsibility of the entire organization and underlining the paramount importance of building a culture of innovation that brings ideas to life.

Learn more about it here.

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About China

Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights in China

In this article the China IPR SME Helpdesk shows which are suitable options to enforce a company's IP when it finds out it has been infringed. In China there are four main enforcement options to take actions against a company that has been proved to be infringing intellectual property rights: administrative actions; civil litigation; criminal sanction and customs seizure.

China IPR SME Helpdesk underlines the importance of building the case carefully by ensuring that action is being taken against the right company in the right form, this will guarantee a solid reputation for being litigious then companies would be less likely to infringe your rights in the future.

Read the full article here

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Tenders, Calls & Consultations

Call for proposals: Delivering on skills for Growth and Jobs

The European Commission recently launched a call for proposal aimed at encouraging new partnerships between public and private actors on the labour market in order to address skills shortages and identify training measures to fill the gap between labour supply and demand in European Union. Some measures that might be taken into account under this call are:

  • implementation and delivery of placement and job insertion initiatives;
  • labour market intelligence gathering;
  • training measures;
  • establishment of networks and development and exchange of best practice through targeted events.

The total indicative amount available is EUR 5,658,000 and the deadline for submitting the application is the 15th of January 2014.

More info at this page.

The 9th EuroTransBio Call

EuroTransBio is launching a joint call for innovative projects to foster competitiveness and innovation of Europe's biotechnology industry, by supporting research intensive SMEs and their strategic partnerships and funding transnational projects with challenging application aspects and a substantial commercial impact on the market.

The call is open to consortia consisting of at least two SMEs from two different EU countries participating in the 9th ETB Call - Austria, Flanders and Wallonia (Belgium), Finland, Alsace (France), Germany, Italy, Russia, Andalusia and Basque Country(Spain).

The funding for the partners is provided by their national agencies according to their national regulations.

The deadline for submission is the 31st of January 2014.

More info at this page.

The Innotribe Startup Challenge 2014

The Innotribe Startup Challenge is a competition aimed at enabling collaborative innovation in financial services, organized by the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication-SWIFT. The challenge is open to innovative technology and technology-enabled financial services companies from any geographical area. Eligible 'Startup' companies will be less than 3-years old and have no more than $1M in combined revenue and investment in the last 12 months.

One Startup and one Innovator will be selected as winners of the entire Challenge and will gain visibility during a Keynote session at the SWIFT Annual Conference benefitting from social media coverage and a one-on-one feature interview published via the Innotribe's newsletter.

In addition one or more early-stage companies selected as winners will share $ 50,000 in cash awards.

The deadline for applications is the 23rd of February 2014.

More info at this page.

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Interesting Initiatives

The Kauffman Founders School

The Kauffman Founders School is an online learning resource targeting entrepreneurs who are willing to learn anywhere and anytime. The initiative covers a wide range of topics such as:

  • entrepreneurial selling, to help entrepreneurs become as efficient and effective as possible in the sales process;
  • powerful presentation, to learn how important is to communicate in the right way all the information about the activities in which the entrepreneur is engaged;
  • intellectual property, to learn how to create and develop an IP strategy;
  • founders' dilemmas, to analyse the crucial choices that an entrepreneur must take and examine the effects of these choices on the company.

More info at this page.

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OECD: Supporting Investment in Knowledge Capital, Growth and Innovation

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has published a new book titled "Supporting Investment in Knowledge Capital, Growth and Innovation".

The publication gathers the results of a two years programme of work at the OECD on New Sources of Growth (NSG) and the role of Knowledge-based Capital (KBC).

The investments in KBC are increasing very quickly in many countries and the book shows that business investment in KBC will be the key to improve future living standards and productivity growth.

The OECD publication suggests new policies to the governments in order to facilitate business investments in KBC and recommendations in different fields such as innovation, taxation, entrepreneurship and business development.

Read more at this page.

Doing Business 2014 - understanding regulations for small and medium-size enterprises

The World Bank and the International Finance Corporation have published the report "Doing Business 2014. Understanding Regulations for Small and Medium-Size Enterprises".

The report aims at improving the quality of the rules underpinning the activities of the private sector and helping policymakers to reduce the cost and the complexity of government procedures and to improve the quality of institutions.

By analyzing business regulation throughout specific indicators in 189 economies, the report shows that the economies ranking highest on the ease of doing business are those whose governments have managed to create a regulatory system that facilitates inter-actions in the marketplace and protects important public interests without unnecessarily hindering the development of the private sector.

Download the report at this page.

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Recommended Website

The Procurement of Innovation Platform

The International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives - ICLEI with the support of the European Commission has launched the Procurement of Innovation Platform to help public authorities, policy makers, researchers and other stakeholders to exploit the power of public procurement innovation (PPI) and pre-commercial procurement (PCP).

The website contains the latest news on PPI and PCP developments and events, as well as policy support and background information on the European legal framework. In addition visitors will have the opportunity to benefit from a procurement forum, a networking space for procurers and stakeholders from around Europe and training courses on tools and techniques about public procurement innovation.

Visit the official website.

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By subscribing to the weekly newsletter it is possible to receive international news regarding different fields such as: Starting a Business; Growth & Leadership; Young Entrepreneur and Money & Finance.

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Highlighted events

4th - 6th of December 2013
EBN Tech Camp 2013

Rovereto-Trento, Italy

The EBN Tech Camp is a two days event organized by the European Business & Innovation Centre Network (INSME Board Member) and Trentino Sviluppo that will take place on the 5th and 6th of December 2013 in Rovereto, Italy.

The event targets organizations, incubators and accelerators that support start-ups, entrepreneurs and SMEs and will offer the opportunity to learn about new industries support tools, exchange views and methodologies about support processes.

EBN Tech Camp gives participants the opportunity to benefit from a Tool Exchange Forum, with pitching session, an exhibition space and a networking area. In addition three workshops will provide participants with useful insights on techniques of coaching and mentoring entrepreneurs, end-users testing through the Living Lab approach and the vital elements of an acceleration programme.

Learn more about the event at this link.

5th - 7th of December 2013
World SME Expo
Hong Kong

The World SME Expo is organized by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council and will take place from the 5th to the 7th of December 2013 in Hong Kong.

Through a series of practical seminars and networking events to enhance SME competitiveness in the world market, the event is a one-stop platform of business opportunities, as well as a full spectrum of SME support services ranging from China Opportunities, Overseas Opportunities, Financial Services, IT and E-Business, China Trade Strategies, Start a Business, Business Intelligence, Business Support Services, Legal, Accounting, Consulting, Marketing and other trade support services for SMEs .

MSME Malaysia (INSME Member) will manage the media coverage of the event.

For more information about the event visit this website.

Future International meetings, workshops, seminars selected by INSME

1st of December 2013
Enabling a Sound Entrepreneurship Ecosystem In Egypt
Organized by ALROWAD
Gyza, Egypt

2nd - 3rd of December 2013
The African High-Growth Markets Summit
Organized by The Economist
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

5th - 6th of December 2013
Chief Innovation Officer Summit
Organized by Innovation Enterprise
New York, USA

5th - 6th of December 2013
Research & Technology Conference 2013: Critical Defence Technologies - Exploring Innovation Together
Organized by the European Defence Agency
Athens, Greece

5th of December 2013
EMCC Forum - 2013: New stakes and perspectives of cosourcing in the Mediterranean
Organized by the Institut de prospective éconimique du monde mediterranéen - IPEMED
Paris, France

8th - 11th of December 2013
The 6th ISPIM Innovation Symposium - Innovation in the Asian Century
Organised by ISPIM
Melbourne, Australia

21st - 23rd of January 2013
ASEAN-EU Science, Technology and Innovation Days 2014
Organized by SEA-EU-NET Partners in Science
Bangkok, Thailand

12th - 13th of February 2014
1st Euro-Mediterranean Brokerage Event on Research and Innovation
Organized by the Ministry of Scientific Research (Egypt), in collaboration with the Agronomic Institute of Bari (CIHEAM-IAMB, Italy) and the Malta Council for Science and Technology
Cairo, Egypt

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